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Sopron vineyards - past and present

The Sopron vineyards are one of Hungary’s oldest wine producing regions. For centuries, the people of Sopron relied on wine for their livelihood, and it was the quality of its grapes and wine to which the city owed the privileges on which its trading success was based.

Wine from the vineyards of Sopron can look back on a more than 2000 year old history. In the early 14th century the town already stood at the heart of Hungary’s most important wine growing region in Hungary, and its trade relations extended far beyond Hungary’s then borders. At that time the wines of Sopron were savoured in royal courts from France to Russia. From the 19th century on German vintners, known as “Poncichter” (the name comes from the word meaning bean grower), ensured that Sopron wines were famed far and wide.

In and around Sopron, wine cellars were not to be found in the vineyards, but under the vintners’ city dwellings. This was not only one of their privileges; it also meant greater security and protection.

Sopron vineyards innovations and achievements: production of biological and sparkling wines, numerous awards made to Sopron wines.

Ever more vintners are eager to promote viticulture that relies upon natural methods such as biological winemaking so that their children can grow up without being exposed to chemicals. Franz Weninger Jr has set himself the goal of determining, within the next five years, the variety that yields the best Sopron white wine. He has experimented with Furmint, Hárslevelű, Pinot Blanc and Green Veltelini.

Kurt Taschner achieved outstanding results in the realm of sparkling wines. In 2005 the innovative Taschner family, which can trace its antecedents back to the “Poncichter”, succeded in producing champagne from Sopron wine. In 2013 Taschner’s Chardonnay Brut won first prize among the sparkling wines in the Hungarian “A Média Bora” competition /Wine of the Media /.

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