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History of Sopron

Sopron is among the few Hungarian towns where history literally can be traced. From the Celts through the Romans to the Hungarians left their imprint here to the future. Memories of the recent events can be detected during a walk in the downtown, as well.
Pan-European Picnic

Pan-European Picnic

Loyalty and freedom! – these are the two noble ideals enshrined in the history of Sopron. Sopron has proven its loyalty not once, but twice. For many years however its striving for freedom was however shackled by the Iron Curtain right before its ... »

History of Sopron

History of Sopron

Findings from the early stone, copper and bronze ages prove that the region was settled in prehistoric times. In the Roman era a city named Scarbantia stood at the crossroads of the north-south Amber Road and the old east-west main road. »

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      Themed walking tours in Sopron

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      Sightseeing train in Sopron

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