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Sopron Tourist Train

Discover Sopron by sightseeing train! Sopron is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in our country.

From year to year attract Sopron varied natural conditions, atmospheric streets, historical landmarks of thousands of visitors. Sopron is the richest in monuments province city of Hungary.

More than half the surface of the city is a historical monument. The firetower, the main square, the burgring, the Lőverek and many other sights make Sopron interesting for the tourists.

We visit during the city tour the following sights: Wieden (Viennese District), Várkerület (ring road surrounding the old town), Széchenyi Square, Deák Square, Lőverek (the hilly area of Sopron). Our guests get information about Sopron, the Poncichters and the famous wines of Sopron.

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