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Drescher Shipping Company

More than 20 years is Drescher Line the determining company of tourism Lake Fertő. Their ships are the most important means of transport.

Get to know the romantic waterworld of Lake Fertő, admire beauty of the National Park’s and the World Heritage’s territories.

SHIP CRUISE – with the captain’s guide
Many times a day, Mörbisch and back through the B0 boarder coordinate, with a European standard ship with air conditioned board and lavatories.
Prices: 1.400 HUF/adult, 850 HUF/child (age: 6-14, the service is free for children under the age of 6), 1.200 HUF/pensioner

In search of Hungarian historical memories

10.30 Departure on board from Fertőrákos from the Drescher port. 1.5 h long cruise from Hungary to Austria, through the B0 coordinate, passing the the water-stage by at Mörbisch. The company offers a wide range of hot and cold drinks on the board of their air conditioned ships.
12.00 Arrival to port Rust
12.30 Lunch at Restaurant “Alte Schmiede”, right next to the town walls, 5 minutes from the haven.
13.30 Individual at Rust with the help of a small Rust guide.
15.00 Departure from the Restaurant “Alte Schmiede” to Mörbisch – on dotto trains. Through the panorama road our visitors can enjoy the magnificent view of the Lake Fertő and the sight of the famous vineyards.
15.45 Arrival to Mörbisch to the Drescher port next to the water-stage.
16.00 Departure from the haven on board to Fertőrákos.
16.30 Arrival to port Drescher at Fertőrákos.

The program includes:
- ship cruise from Fertőrákos to Rust
- lunch at Restaurant “Alte Schmiede”
- dotto ride from Rust to Mörbisch
- ship cruise from Mörbisch to Fertőrákos.

Planned departures on Staurdays.
The program starts in a minimum of 15 participants.
Prices: 6.800 HUF/adult, 4.500HUF/child (age 6-14). The program except meals is free for children under the age of 6.

For further inquiry about our group offers contact our agency:
* Grill party on board
* National Park Trip
* Sunset with captain’s cocktail
* Whole-day-trip-to-Burgenland
* Goulash party
* Class trips

Always inquire via telephone about the exact departure times.
Drescher Shipping Company
Fertőrákos – port Drescher
Tel.: +36 99/355-361

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