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Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, and is about 60 miles from Sopron, and equally easy to reach by car or train. Bratislava is Slovak name, while its German name is Pressburg and in Hungary it is known as Pozsony. The city is a popular destination for day trips from Sopron.

The city has almost 420,000 inhabitants and is an important railway and shipping transport hub. It has a port on the Danube.

Bratislava is the most popular and most visited city in Slovakia, one of the youngest European cities. The Austrian border is only two kilometers from the Slovak capital, the Hungarian border is 10 kilometers distant. In clear weather you can see both countries from the Bratislava castle.

Sights: the castle, the Old Town, the municipal art gallery, the clock museum, the pharmacy museum, trips on the Danube.

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