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Dental Beauty Studio

Treatments especially for your needs, with the most modern dental solutions, and all this in the historical Downtown of Sopron!

Our team is obviously aware of the fact that an appointment for a dental treatment is a decision of personal affection, which is determined not only by the dentist’s personality but also by his/her connection with patients.

Most patients try to postpone dental visits as long as they can – even ont he expense of the health of their teeth – because they are afraid of pains and unpleasant feelings. Every member of our team helps our patients to win over stress because for us it is also very important to see our patients smile satisfied and leave our clinic happily.

Besides our dentists’ professional knowledge and experience, our dental technicians – who work also in our building – are at your disposal so that the necessary denture can be done quickly and at the highest level.

Our team members are specialized in several important and popular fields of dentistry. They are specialists, who have gained reputation in this trade and who, along with expert and painless treatments, help their patients to overcome stress.

Dental Beauty Studio

Our team:
Dr. Judit Klock
Dental Beauty Studio

1988 – 1993  Semmelweis University, Dental School (summa cum laude)
1995 – 2003  univ. assistant lecturer, active participation in educating oral surgery for students of dentistry
in Hungarian, German and English languages.
Member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber and the Hungarian Society of Implantation.
Special field:
Implantation (application of Replace, Pitt-Easy and AlphaBio implants).

Dr. Ágnes Holló
Dental Beauty Studio

1986 – 1991  Semmelweis University, Dental School
Special field:
Conservative dentistry, prosthodontist, specialist of the illnesses of tooth and mouth.

Dr. Sahar, Ameri
Dental Beauty Studio

1996 – 2001  Semmelweis University, Dental School
2007 -            Orthodontist
Special field:

Our dental surgery has an outstanding dental technical laboratory, so all the grounds are given to treat our patients quickly and cost-efficiently with the help of the most modern dental technology. The cooperation of dentists and dental technicians is the prerequisite of a perfect prosthetic dentistry. Given the fact that we carry out dental treatments and dental technical works in the same building, the Dental Beauty Studio can fulfill individual demands as well. Our 20 colleagues in the dental technical laboratory always do their best to meet our patients’ expectations.

Dental Beauty Studio

Our laboratory offers a wide range of prosthetic dentistry possibilities. The following solutions are of high popularity:

Vertex™ ThermoSens is an innovative, unbreakable, monomer-free, hard prosthetic material. Vertex ThermoSens is ideal for those patients who do not prefer to wear dentures which can cause allergic reactions. Vertex ThermoSens is a unique, thermoplastic material and thus it has numerous advantages.


Anti-allergic solution

Holds its shape and size

Can be adjusted and repaired

Lining insertion is possible

Dental Beauty Studio

TCS – a perfect temporary solution during dental implantation.



With the help of TCS, patients who prefer lower cost alternatives against a fastened prosthesis, can also be satisfied.

We offer a comfortable prosthesis for our patients with the valplast denture. The highly aesthetic TCS denture gives our patients self-confidence and a lovely smile.

The TCS/valplast is an especially flexible denture material, made of bio-compatible and thermoplastic nylon. It has outstanding physical and aesthetic features and it is obviously unbreakable.



The application of CAD/CAM technology is evident in our clinic.


The CAD/CAM technology is a revolutionary innovation in dental techniques. After the compute-based planning, the prosthesis is made with perfect accuracy, eliminating human errors. The CAD/CAM is an acronym of two English phrases: Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided manufacturing. This computer-based technology enables the manufacturing of the thousandth mm accurate zirconium, which gives the base material of crowns.

When applying this software, the first task is the planning of the zirconium crown panel. Then, the next step is the milling technology, also directed by a computer system.


The CAD/CAM technology offers a highly aesthetic prosthesis, it becomes the lifelike version of the natural tooth. The zirconium crown is totally metal-free, thus this type of prosthesis does not cause metal allergy. 


Zirconium bridges

Zirconium has proved to be the most popular material for dental applications. Crowns made of zirconium ceramics are light transmitting, so comparing them to the traditional dental ceramic crowns, they fulfill high aesthetic needs. This kind of tooth construction is able to span bigger distances due to its resistance to flexion.

Dental Beauty Studio




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